Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Oscar Nod

People think I'm crazy but I love Oscar season. It started a long time ag0, in a past life, although I am not as rabid about the whole thing as I used to be. I remember spending all day both Saturday and Sunday for weeks trying to get in all the Oscar noms that we hadn't seen. When I think about my life before the big "D;" those weekends are one of the things I miss the most.

I was really excited to hear the nominations this morning and then immediately got sad...I haven't seen a single picture in the Best Actor, Actress, Director or Film categories. I have wanted to see some of the films, but just haven't had the chance. Michael isn't the movie fan that the "ex" is or was. But that's okay. I will spend the next month going to the movies alone (which I actually like) and seeing everything I can. And when Michael wants to come along, well, he is more than welcome to join me. But he better be prepared...I have an angenda, and I don't care what he wants or doesn't want to see. I WANT TO SEE THEM ALL! In fact I think I might even start tonight.

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