Friday, January 27, 2006

Finals Week...

or should I say hell week. And I don't just mean for the students, for teachers as well. For those of you who were always asking the teacher to makeup work at the last minute, or asking for extra credit and then proceeded to complain about the difficulty level of said makeup or extra credit work...SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

I offered students a month to make up 9 weeks worth of work, in the last three days I have been told, it's too much to expect from them, the work is too hard and I don' t offer enough extra credit. How about you just do the original work on the original due date!

Now, because I was kind enough to offer the extra work to the students (on January 3 mind you), I now have a 2 foot high stack of papers to grade (I kid you not, if I had my camera with me I would take a picture, but I am not lugging this stuff home). I guess my weekend is now completely planned...

Friday night - grade papers
Saturday - grade papers, go to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer meeting, grade papers
Sunday - grade papers, go to build-a-bear, visit Mom, grade papers

Do you see a pattern of extreme un-fun!?! I hate finals week!

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