Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm Done

I have been back to work for a whole 3 days and I am ready for a vacation. Sometimes I forget how tiring high school students can be. They have wonderful energy, but man, to keep up with them...WOW!

Not to mention the question of the week is..."When are Charlie Brown auditions?" I know I have to schedule them, I know I need to get the posters out, the problem seems to be more of a musical director problem than my problem...he won't give me dates that work for him. I love our musical director, he is fab, but GIVE ME A DATE!!!!!

Next year I am just going to put it on the calendar and have at it. When I talked to him yesterday he said we should have them next week, he forgets I like to have students prepared for the auditions not have them come in and just sing. This isn't a choir performance, it is a musical play, one that I am paying to have entered into a competition. I want actors who can sing, not just singers.

With that said, there are papers to grade and a desk that is screaming "CLEAN ME! CLEAN ME NOW!!!!!"

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