Saturday, March 10, 2007

oh my

Getting married is going to entail a lot more than some "I do's" and moving in together. In the package I am going to become "step-mom" to two kids. One who is 17 and another who is 12.

There is a lot of backstory that I am now going to leave out and jump to the chase...

The 17 year-old lives with her mother and her husband in Utah. She just moved there in December and she is miserable. M reads her myspace blog and forwards entries of interest to me. The last entry broke our hearts. She feels so alone and isolated.

Her mom is spending all her energy on the other kids (step-kids) and not enough with L (who is used to being the only child).

L was excited at first. New start, a change for her. But it has all gone so wrong. She lives in the basement, after 3 months she still has sheets for walls. IT'S WINTER, IN UTAH!!!! They are just starting to put up the drywall. She doesn't have many friends.

WARNING!!!! to all my LDS/Mormon friends, I do not feel this way about all LDS/Mormon people...

I have discovered that LDS/Mormons can be the biggest hypocrites on the planet!!! L is being isolated at school and church because she isn't a "Utah" Mormons! The people who are doing this should just be called "morons"! They proclaim to be so Christian and yet they are treating her so unfairly because she wasn't born in Utah or the small town where she now lives.

They are making her life miserable. Like I said, this isn't all LDS/Mormons, just some. Some of the nicest people I know and some of my best friends are LDS/Mormons, but then again the craziest (and not in a good way) people I know are too. And she has encountered the crazy, mean and hateful ones.

She is coming to stay with us this summer. This was planned long before things turned all wrong in Utah. M also let her know that she is more than welcome to come and live with us on a more permanent basis if she wants. She is actually thinking that she will just come and not go back. And if that is what is going to make her happy, then so be it. I would love to have her.

I love this kid.

Once again, so offense intended. Just stating facts. If you are LDS/Mormon and reading this chances are I think you are pretty darn cool.

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