Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ms. P you're head's going to explode one day...

That is what one of my students told me the other day. He actually recognized the amount of stress I was under and felt the need to let me know that I would explode. At least he added that it scared him. He's a good kid.

Here is the run down of not so interesting stuff...

1. House - I went ahead and waved contingencies even though there is still stuff I don't like. But what the hell. The stuff isn't that major, I just want this done and be rid of seller guy, seller's agent guy, and most of all my agent guy (who is a complete ASS!). The story about the house from yesterday is great...I'll tell you some other time.

2. School - exit exam testing is next week. Administration is freaking out. They have displaced my theatre 1 class completely. I think we are just going to work in the front of the school. Forget trying to figure out where they want to put me. Then again with my luck lately, it will rain.

3. More School - the university across the street from my school does alot for us. Okay, not me or my program, but for the school. So, my principal offered my theatre for some stupid thing they were doing. The woman who was in charge was a complete bitch to me almost everytime I had to deal with her. Some messed up my lighting system. I told the coordinator this before the university people came in. This crazy woman keeps asking me the same questions, can't you get me more light, NO! what do you do when you have a show, USE THE SAME STUFF i'M SHOWING YOU RIGHT NOW! Can't I use those? NO, OR I WOULD HAVE TURNED THEM ON FOR YOU. (This is the one that killed me) It really isn't your call, I'll have to talk to the principal. Yes, that lady really did threaten to send me to the principal over this. Next time they ask if they can use my space...I think I have something going on.

4. Theatre - Build day is today! Thank goodness I have a bunch of parents coming to help. Because last summer someone stole a bunch of my scenery, the flats - these are things we use to make walls. I now have to built 20 flats. I bought over $1000 worth of lumber, and I'm going to need more, because I forgot about the stairs, and counters I need to build. And by the way , who the hell steals scenery? I'm the only one on campus who needs this stuff!

Okay, now I am off to get down and dirty with some lumber, power tools and a bunch of teenagers. This should be fun!

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Chatty said...

heh, sounds like my week. I hope next week is better. :)