Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm going nuts here. The contingency period is over today! I sent off my fix list on Saturday, I still don't know what is going on with that one. My agent keeps going MIA on me. When that happens I call mortgage guy, who calls lawyer guy (who sent me agent guy) and chews a bit, who calls agent guy and chews some more, then agent guy calls me like nothing has happened. What an IDIOT!

Yesterday was the last straw, I'm stressed to the brink. M can tell. Yesterday was the first time EVER when I have been completely stress and snappy and began to cry and rant that when I said I was getting off the phone he just said, okay and to call him a little later. He knew there was nothing he could do except let me vent and then let me calm down in my own time. He did text me about an hour later to see if I was okay. By then all the butt chewing had happened and agent guy had called me.

Agent guy has been told in no uncertain terms (by several people now) that I will not sign the contingency papers without a signed fix list. He was told by mortgage guy that is the seller wants to be an A-hole he can deposit money in my escrow account that becomes mine if he doesn't perform, but until then he needs to shut-up and perform. This stems from the fact I have to deposit a great sum of money in the escrow account which goes hard today (meaning if I back out, bye-bye money) and he keeps having his agent guy (our original agent guy) send over buyer demands to perform. Why do I have to keep performing when nobody is keeping me posted as to what in the world is going on?

ARGH! People are dumb...and sales people are the worst!

So, the story ends today with if all goes well by the end of the day I will know for certain if I am getting this house! Keep your fingers crossed, send me good karma and hopes for strong mojo. And if you have some extra peace and serenity send that along too.

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