Wednesday, March 21, 2007

could it get any worse

I came home today to find my garage freezer open. This is the freezer where several hundred dollars worth of really good beef lives, or should I say lived because I have no idea how long the door has been open and almost everything is defrosted, so most of it is trash.

I say almost because there was so much stuff in there that with some digging I was able to create one shelf of stuff that was still frozen.

I cooked a bunch of stuff that was partially frozen. Salvaged the ham because it's smoked, which equals already cooked, and very very cold, and have a pork shoulder roast in the crock pot because it was super cold and very defrosted. Everything else will be trashed. I am very upset.

To make it all worse...TODAY was trash day! That crap has to stay in the freezer until next Wednesday!


Chatty said...

that sucks - I'm sorry. :(

h&b said...

This has happened to me twice now ( once only a week or so ago - parallel lives ?! ), and yes, it sucks.

Sucks because I don't want to poison myself or my family. Sucks because the fridge is only 3yrs old, and shouldn't be breaking down. Sucks because you then have to make quick hotpot meals out of good beef that has to be eaten quickly.

Sucks because food costs a bomb.