Sunday, March 04, 2007

more on the house

A lot has happened in with the house since I posted last.

1. We let the house go. The agent wouldn't give us a small concession to help with closing, so we just said no. Not to mention they came back with WAY more than we could spend. Although, that is partly my fault because I had remember the price of the house wrong and that was reflected in our offer.

2. We looked around at other houses. And nothing felt right.

3. We went to my loan guy and he refered a new agent to us. We offically have our own agent!!! Yippy.

4. We made an offer on the house. A fair price and a good chunk of cash back to help with costs.

5. We got a counter. They met us in the middle. Although, there are some things we are concerned about. They don't want to give us the cash back (I understand). They also don't want to pay for section 1 pest damage. This one worries us. Those of you who own a house should know what this is. Section 1 states that the seller will repair any termite damage. We are concered because if it is lots of damage we are screwed. We don't understand why they would stay they won't pay that. It's actually pretty common to do, acording to our agent. They also want a HUGE amount as a deposit. That if we backout we don't get back.

6. We are going to do another counter offer. Less than they want, they have to pay section 1 repairs, we might ask for half of the cash we were asking for before, and we want the deposit back if something falls through. M and I are thinking if we ask for half the cash and section 1 they may give us the section 1.

So,that's the house deal. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be in escrow and then I can post some pictures of my new home. And let me tell you, I'm a bit freaked out. We are spending way more than I thought we would. But we both love the house, so I guess that's okay.

On a wedding note...I screwed up the invitations. I couldn't sleep last night, so I stated to cut the last part in order to assemble today. I cut them to the wrong measurements. ALL 60 OF THEM. I now have to go back to Michael's and hope they have the right paper. I know I had bought them out of it when I bought my stock. Hopefully they got a new order.

I'll post a picture of the invites as soon as they are finished.


Chatty said...

Sounds like there is more damage than you know about and they do. Be careful. We got screwed with our house, nothing as serious as termites, but spending unexpected money is still painful!

h&b said...

Wow - all that house stuff is pretty confusing. Hope all goes well - buying a house is frustrating enough without extra hiccups !!

BTW: I sometimes find it hard to comment on your blog, or even read all the posts - they sometimes get 'cut off'. I've never experienced anything else like this. To comment here, I had to go into 'March Archives'. Bizarre !