Sunday, March 18, 2007

I love dads

Dads are the best thing EVER! We got so much done on the set yesterday...At least 10 flats built, at least 12 hinged flat units, 4 free standing flat units and 6 platforms built! And we even started painting.

So much was accomplished because The Dads showed up to help. I had 4 of them for the entire day and one plus and uncle for a couple of hours at the end. I put dads in charge of construction and I wrangled the kids into hinging, drawing and painting.

I am so proud of the kids they got a lot done and worked hard. I really need to remember to commend them greatly tomorrow at rehearsal. They are awsome.

It's days like yesterday that remind me why I love my job and I love my kids.

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Chatty said...

Our musical production was canceled Friday night due to snow. After all that hard work, I hope it is rescheduled.