Monday, April 02, 2007

dumb people

I am so tired of dumb people. It seems like almost everyone I encounter lately is dumb. The latest dumb people...the people who told me my new house would be tented today! Tented today with the tent coming off on Wednesday, and escrow closing and funding on Thursday.

Oh, and let us not forget the person who told me that if I didn't get my loan docs signed today my loan wouldn't close and fund in time. I still haven't seen loan docs!

While I'm at it let's add the lady at a certain HOME improvement store whom I had to tell 3 different times that I have a stand alone shower that I want new doors for, not a shower/tub combination. Not the mention the number of times I had to explain that I had already talked to a contractor and knew that a new shower surround wounldn't fit through the door of the bathroom, and that I didn't want to tile the shower, I just want to resurface it. (In this case I think it's the fact that I have blond hair and boobs and know what I'm talking about, it confuses people).

Let me tell you...stupidity should be painful. Actual physical PAIN!

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Chatty said...

I was surrounded by dumb people today.

btw, I am a .net now.