Friday, April 06, 2007

Things I need to do today... UPDATED

1. Sign loan docs. Not going to happen. The underwriter is seriously in the middle of heavy PMS. She won't release the docs and keeps asking for stupid crap. Like, for example, how many months a year I get paid, what difference does it make, I still make the same amount. Oh, and when did my raise take effect. In September, when school started. I was asked if I ment September of last year...DUH!!! And I'll get another one next September!

2. Call my real estate agent to see if I can get into the house to take pictures. Not getting in. The seller is mad at me, okay actually probably more mad at the lender, but still mad. I was told it would be best to just stay away. In fact he signed an addendum to the escrow stuff to extend, but I have to pay $28 per day to cover interest on his mortgage. Mortgage guy is going to pay it for me, mainly because he knows I'm PISSED! Although I have calmed down.

3. Grade research papers. Yes, I am avoiding this. But it will happen.

4. Finish packing the living room. Doing this one soon.

5. Start packing the craft room. Yep, almost all the scrapbooking stuff is in boxes.

6. Clean the garage, to half can be goodwill and half can be move. Yes! I have started this.

7. Figure out when to bring in movers. (yeah, did you hear because of mortgage guy I now have to hire movers) I can't do this, I don't know when I will be signing loan docs so I don't know when I will fund so I don't know when I will be moving.

8. Decide on paint colors for the great room and the master bedroom. This way I can start to paint the moment I get in the house (you will understand when you see the colors of 3 of the rooms). Just don't even want to think about this one right now.

9. Buy a cashier's check for escrow. Nope, need to wait until I have loan docs.

10. Buy supplies to make green beans for Easter. Not that I am interested in going now. I really don't to have everyone asking about the new house after the loan doc fiasco. Don't feel like it, I'll go tomorrow.

11. Did I mention I really really want to sign my loan docs.ARGH!

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h&b said...

Oh, you poor thing :((

I am reading a few 'home-buying blogs' ATM, and it's not fun, and definately stressful, even if all goes well..

I've been there before too, but you forget as soon as you're in, and then you're happy again, I PROMISE.

P.S. - Adore playing with paint. Please post pics and get advice from your readers - it may be fun, and they may do the work for you :)