Tuesday, April 03, 2007

oh my gosh!

I spoke with mortgage guy at 11:30 am, why in the world did he wait until 3:10 to tell me exactly what he needed from me to finish for the loan docs.
Everything he needs I could have gotten had I known before 3:10!!!!!
Between 3:10 and 5:00 I ran around like a crazy person...pick up copies of M's last two paychecks from his office (to avoid driving in traffic for the real ones), race to my district office to get a copy of my most recent paystub because I didn't pick it up on Friday, not knowing I would need it. Apparently the loan people think I have quit my job in the past 30 days! IDIOTS!
Then it was home to find the tax returns I know I sent, that they can't find, and don'tcha think someone would have noticed they were missing before today!
Oh, and the tax forms that M picked up from me today so he can comlete his 2006 taxes...they need new copies of those! ARGH!!!!! I just sent those to them 3 weeks ago!
I think I am cursed, I think someone wants to keep me out of this house, I think someone reall wants to be slapped!
I'm not stressed, not one bit...I need a glass of wine.

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h&b said...

I'm drinking one now.
When I refill ( whcih I will ), i'll do a silent "cheers" for you ;)