Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The saga continues...

Show opens on Thursday, VD left rehearsal today at 6:30ish. This is the same man who wants me to put "Performing Arts Department" on all the stuff associated with the show. So, right now he and I are both playing the passive aggressive card (it's really not working for either of us). He wants "PAD" on stuff, I figure when he starts to take on more responsibility for the show, then I will change what I do. But I guess I should tell him that.

Most of the kids are on my side. I have talked to the principal, I went seeking advice and somehow it has turned in to him talking to the VD....which has me a little scared. I need to learn to deal with this stuff myself. Maybe I will tell the principal to not do it.

ARGH....someone give me some moxie! Please!!!!!

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