Thursday, October 26, 2006

why are people dumb?

I don't understand why people are so dumb...

1. I asked students to fix our bench for Crucible. One of the side braces had come loose. I said, take a couple of screws and screw them in to the sides to hold it together.

These students decided that the entire bench needed to come apart and be fixed because the kids who had put it together before had used carpenter's glue only. I know that because I am the one who told them to do it. In theatre we use glue for everything.

Keep in mind only one brace needed to be fixed. They took the bench apart without talking to me first. They did not finish putting the bench back together by the end of the 5 hour rehearsal so they just moved all the pieces back stage (not I said back stage, implying the fact the pieces were in MY theatre).

2. During rehearsal last night I noticed the bench wasn't on stage and the kids who were working on it were sitting in the audience. I asked where the bench was which prompted an schoolwide hunt for the bench.

Apparently they had placed the bench near these huge boxes, boxes I had been asking the custodians for a month to get out of my space.

They boxes are now gone, and so is my bench. Our only assumption can be that THE CUSTODIANS THREW MY BENCH AWAY!!!!!!

I can't replace this bench. It was donated and I don't know where it was purchased. It was the perfect bench for this show. I don't have time to even look for another bench.

I am on the verg of killing someone!

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