Wednesday, October 25, 2006

what a day!

I continue to work through tech week as well as continue to wonder where in the world my tech crew went. I get a ton of kids who sign up and then they all disappear on me. I need to find an incentive, some motivation, some form of threat to keep them on the crew.

Yesterday was a freakin' long day. I jumped in my car at 6:00 am to hit the store before I got to school. Although for themost part I have given up caffine, I needed some yesterday - Pumpkin Latte was calling my name. I was at school by 6:30 and ready to copy the world, except BOTH copiers went down, again! I was so mad I almost shed some tears.

I explained to my drama kids that I just might have a melt down if they don't start to help with things. They want everything, great shows, competitions, festivals, talent shows, drama club, Thespian Society, but I just can't do it all. They think I am magic and can pull all the stuff we need for everything out of my butt. I hate to break it to them, I don't have magic butt, I don't pull props and scenery out of my ass!

They say they understand and are willing to help. We'll see when the next show comes up (two weeks after Crucible closes by the way).

Anyway, back to the long day. After a 4 hour rehearsal I hung around to make my copies, plus some for later. I worked a 14 hour day and am hoping to ge to school by 6:30 again today. It's department meetings today, so I won't have my morning planning time, which really sucks.

Did you notice there isn't a comlete through line in this entire entry? My brain does not have room in it for a through line! My dixie plate runneth over and bends in the middle!

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