Sunday, October 22, 2006

hell week is here...

It has arrived the last 8 days before a show opens and we are working like maniacs to get it ready. I am still missing a few set pieces, most of the props and the kids don't know all their lines, but hell or high water opening night will come November 2.

The kids are really excited, but I had to explain to them that I couldn't do EVERYTHING for the show and that they needed to help a bit more. I can't do all the shopping for props and such anymore, I just don't have the energy. (the English classes are killing me)

The posters go to the print shop on Monday, a week late, which is what happens when you ask a student to do the artwork. Which is wonderful, but man did it take her a long time to draw a dead tree. I'll post the picture later, she did a great job.

Costumes arrive on Monday, so that will be chaos, fun, but chaos. Then hopefully the kids will be super motivated for the final rush, at least that is the way it usually works.

On a fun note, if you live in the Fullerton area and can catch Seussical, it's great! Although I actually think it might close today.

The new Tennessee Williams opens next Friday, I think it's called Spring Storm. It's supposed to be really good. Apparently they found the play in Williams' papers in the 1990s and it's only been produced a handful of times. I know the girl playing the lead, she's great (we actually did a show together years ago). I am planning on going, I'll post an update after I see the show. But I can tell you CSUF does great work!

Have a fantabulous weekend (what's left of it), I'm off to great ready to see Sweet Charity tonight at the Pantages.

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope your play goes welll..."Break A Leg", as we say!