Saturday, December 02, 2006

a word about sophomores...

The word sophomore means "young fool". There is a reason why 10 graders are called sophomores, they are fools! IDIOTS! Dumb asses! I hate sophomores.

I stayed at school until 7:45 pm (on Friday, I might add) so I could finally update grades. 98% of students have got to be failing.

They aren't failing because I suck (although I'm beginning to wonder), they are failing because they don't turn anything in.

I have some students where the only things they have turned in are tests. Now, I know I should have caught this sooner, called home, had the translators call home (because for most of my students the home language is not English), but with 140 English students and 60 drama students when am I supposed to call home? Like I said, I left the school at almost 8:00pm, it was me and the custodial crew, now who wants to call parents at 8:00pm on Friday, the whole dozen or so I could have actually communicated with.

Monday will end up being the what are you going to do to pass my class day. As I walk from student to student, show them their grade and ask...What are you going to do to pass this class? Do you plan on getting a diploma? Do you plan on every having a job? I don't think they think about the fact they actually have to pass classes to get out of high school with a diploma (not to mention the Exit Exam).

Our future isn't looking too bright!

On a happy note...I leave for New York on Tuesday!

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