Sunday, December 03, 2006


The past year I have been consistently amazed by my mother's strength and courage.
Last October she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Last November she went through a single masectomy.

Last December she got engaged to an amazing man, Rocky.

Last January she started chemotherapy.

Last June her fiance was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor.

Last July her fiance passed away.

Last July she began radiation treatments.

Last September she completed radiation.

Last October her mom had open heart surgery.

Last night we had craft night and she was laughing and happy and moving on.

She and Rocky loved to dance, loved to create art, loved to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Today she will starts a dance class. A dance class she and Rocky where going to take together once she was feeling well.

With everything my mom has been through this past year I am so impressed with her ability to carry on. To still do the things she loved doing with Rocky. Yes, she has her down times, we all do. Rocky was her ideal, her soulmate. But she knows that he wouldn't want her to sit around and grieve forever. He would want her to get out there and do the things she loved to do.

Last night at craft night we talked until 2:00am about Rocky. About how we still have a hard time believing he's gone. About how sometimes she feel guilty for moving on and being happy. How some days are harder than others, and the mornings are the hardest, she misses her daily "Good Morning" call. But she is moving on.

With everything my mom has been through this past year and the fact that she can look at live and still smile, that is a strong woman to me.

She has a strength that I can only hope I have an once of.

I never really thought about looking up to someone, of having someone I want to be like. But today I think I really hope that when I "grow up" I'm like my mom. Strong, independent, and able to carry on through the toughest of times.

Note: I wanted to post pictures of my beautiful mother, but blogger wouldn't let me. I'll try again later.

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