Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Today's programing is brought to you by the number...

Because that is how many days I have left of school.

The days are moving by at break neck speed, so much to do and so little time. I have lists and lists of things to accomplish and I don't think there are enough days to get it done. Not to mention I can feel myself getting overwhelmed and when that happens I mentally shut down and don't get anything done.

Here is a list of things that make the end of this year especially nice:

1. I won't have to deal with the group of senior boys that have been terrorizing my theatre 1 class all year.
2. I will have a second theatre 1 class next year.
3. The theatre will be completely, spotlessly clean before I leave for the summer.
4. I may not have to teach sophomore English next year (I might have seniors).
5. I'm ready for a fresh start.

Here is a list of things that make the end of this year a little sad:

1. I am losing two of my favorite students EVER! (there are a at least 4 other students in my 13 years that I feel this way about, so that says a lot about these kids).
2. One of my favorite kids doesn't like our department or school anymore and wants to go live with her dad. It's killing her mom's spirit, I feel for her. I consider the mom a good friend.
3. I don't know what my fall play is going to be.

What's keeping me going right now is the fun of completely cleaning my theatre. The head custodian got me a big dumpster and we are throwing stuff out right and left. The hard part is never knowing what you might need. But I can only store so much. I will take pictures tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. I really wish I had thought of that before I started cleaning out our storage bin. But better late than never. I am so excited to rummage through the bins and bins of costumes that were found, decide what is worthwhile and what is trash. I am looking forward to photo cataloguing all the major furniture pieces and unique prop items that way when we have a show we can shop effectively "in-house". And I am looking forward to being able to move around the theatre without having to constantly move things out of my way. Wait until you see all my "junk". I know several of you might break out in hives with the mess and clutter that you will witness.

And with that, I am tired of being at school. I am going to pack up my papers to grade and do that at home with a nice glass of ice water.

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