Wednesday, June 10, 2009



The weather here continues to be June Gloom. I'm tired of overcast, chilly weather. If it's going to look like this I want rain (rumor has it an El Nino is headed our way).

School continues to move along and is proving to be a big disappointment for next year. I recently found out that one of the projects I do with my students will not be funded. The cost is relatively minimal, but the school says they can no longer pay for it. If I find my own funding I think I can still do it, so I am on the search for a group or several groups who will help me continue to participate in this project. I will tell you more about it once I know if I can find the funding (lest someone try to steal the project out from under me, I mean, come on, I'm one of 18 schools that get the opportunity to do this).

The students get more and more out of control each day. Today I am administering a district final with my English students and I would say at least half of them did not bring pencils. Who doesn't bring a pencil to a final? I really could throttle them, but it's against the law.

Things at home do not seem to be improving. L has moved in, which is going okay, we are all working on making the adjustments. I don't think she likes the fact that I don't just let her do what she wants. I'm sorry, I think going to the spa with a boy she knows likes her (and I know wants to get into her pants) at 10:00 pm is a good idea, even if she explained that she will only be his friend. If there was going to be a group that would have been different.

B continues to be a thorn in my side. I think D is beginning to realize that maybe I'm not the complete and total problem. M is doing a better job at standing up for me to her. The issue this time is that I hurt her feelings because I teased her about braces not hurting as bad as she makes it out to be whenever she gets them tightened. She won't even talk to me on those days. Oh she can talk to everyone else, but not to me, it hurts to bad. So this last time I called her on it. I wore braces, I know what it feels like. When D expressed concern about what I might say when I see B again M told her that my take on it is to treat her the same way I treat my students (I only tease the ones I like) and they all seem to be okay with it. And he explained that when we are together at the house I usually go into the craft room or play on my computer, that B and I say very little to each other and he only sees that as getting worse now. D couldn't say anything to that.

I could go on and on about the situation there. But let me leave it at this, I don't hate B, I hate her behavior. I know for a fact she hates me because she has told people that. (M called her on that one, finally). It's going to be a fun filled summer, I can feel it.

Now, off to grade some more papers...

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