Friday, May 29, 2009


13 days to go!

The kids are getting antsy, I'm getting tired and everyone is getting lazy. I can't wait until we're done.

Aside from that my life is running a break neck speed as always.

Here are a few lists and then I'm off to grade papers while my students silent read for a bit.

Things I am trying to do
1. Plan a family summer vacation. If only the "ex" would give us the dates that B will be with us. I am pretty sure she withhold's this information so she can maintain control over M's life. I mean he divorced her, she doesn't have the ultimate power any more, she has to do something to control his life.
2. Plan a trip to New Mexico in August for a wedding
3. Find a job so we won't go bankrupt over the summer.
4. Schedule dog training for the pups.
5. Get caught up on grading papers before school lets out.

Places I want to try visit this summer
1. Phoenix - to see my grandmother again
2. New Mexico - for a wedding
3. Carpenteria State Beach - for some relaxation

Projects I want to complete this summer
1. Finish scanning the 30-some-odd years of family photos and get them back to my mom's house.
2. Scan the historical photo albums I borrowed years ago from my grandmother so she can have them back.
3. Get my "secret" garden back in shape. It's not really a secret, but that's the feeling I want to create.
4. Finish the quilt my grandmother gave me to the topper to.
5. Make a baby afghan for my cousin who is going to have a baby.

Things I want to add to my bucket list
1. An African Safari
2. Go down in a shark cage
3. Act in a professional production of something

And now I am to run, got to teach, got to try and mold the youth of today into the production adults of tomorrow we hope they will be.

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