Friday, January 23, 2009

Grades, grades, grades...

That is what I'm dealing with. Grading tons and tons of papers (yes, I put many off to the last minute, but believe me when I say I grade papers every day).

Final grades are due on Wednesday, so all papers must be graded, all performances must be complete and we begin a new slate.

My advanced theatre students have managed to put off reading the plays they are required to read until the last minute so I am giving them until Monday to do their play reports. If they had done them over the entire semester it would have been a play every two weeks. That's not bad. But NO! I have students coming up to me wanting more time, wanting me to give them extra credit for things that don't warrant extra credit. They tell me 10 plays in a semester are too many. They have lost their minds. Drama students should want to read plays.

Ah, the joys of being a teacher!

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