Thursday, January 22, 2009


did it become acceptable to question a teacher on their grading policy in front of the entire class?

I have a student in my theatre 1 class who questions every grade he gets. And not along the lines of logic. He feels he works hard, I see him doing nothing. He seems to think that running his lines with his scene partner over the phone should somehow count as class participation. He doesn't understand that just because you work on something doesn't necessarily make it "A" work. I really have to hold back when he starts to do this. I actually start to argue back. I used to laugh at my friend who had this sae kid two years ago about arguing with him, it hard not to. He sucks you in.

My department is dependent on numbers. I have to have the kids in the class to make the class happen. I actually would pay money to make this kid go away. Kind of sucks, I hate feeling this way about my kids.

And on the note of when did things become acceptable...when did it become acceptable to waste classtime and then ask the teacher for an extra day to turn in an assignment? I can't count the number of sophomores who have asked me that today.

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