Saturday, January 27, 2007

We Love You Conrad!

The cast list is up, and students are upset. Okay, just my favorite student, but still.

I hate casting. I have to say it is the worst part of my job.

I am happy with the casting for the most part. I'm upset about the samething my fav is. She didn't get on of the two parts she really wanted, and she didn't get the part I really wanted her to have because she's an alto and "Kim" is a soprano.

I know we will all survive and it will be a great show, just upsetting non the less.

The vocal director (VD) pissed me off during the whole process. He had told his students how he does casting...1. Musical talent, 2. Movement, 3. Looks, 4. Acting.

ACTING, last! In a play! Acting last! He told kids that! What he was really telling them is that you don't need to take drama because ACTING IS THE LEAST IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! A student reported this to me.

Then during our meeting about the cast list he told me the same thing! I could have killed him. M left the room in a hurry when he heard VD telling me this. I proceeded to get in VDs face about the fact that would rather work with actors who can sing, than singers who CAN'T act. It was about to get ugly, but I changed the subject because I wanted to have a good rest of my day. (See I can be the bigger person).

Anyway, rehearsals start in a couple of weeks. I have an opera singer playing one of the leads the in a 1950's style musical, who isn't the strongest actor on the planet. This should be interesting.

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Bug said...

I think your VD was the same VD we had at our school *chuckle* The starring kids sure could sing but the audience was napping in between the tunes!