Friday, September 01, 2006

I hate UPS!

UPS sucks ass!

I ordered some shirts from, very cute cancer shirts. My sister, my niece and I were going to wear them to our end of summer bbq in honor of my mom finishing her radiation treatment.

Two days ago the shipment was set to arrive today.

Today as of 4 pm, no shipment.

Checked the tracking number, UPS rescheduled the shipment to arrive next week. Not early next week...LATE next week. How do you go from arrive on one Friday to arriving the next Friday!

I am so mad. I had all this stuff planned for the bbq to really celebrate the end of this ordeal. And now, it is all shot to shit.

We will still toast the end. I will still give her the Tiffany earrings I bought. But I won't have the shirt for her..."I beat cancer and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".

My 9-year-old niece won't have on her "my grandma kicked cancer's butt" shirt.

My sister won't have her "my mom is my hero" shirt.

While the shirt will still be cute, they won't have the punch as they would when we walked out with the chapagne wearing them.

I send UPS an angry email. And I will never use UPS again!

My new shipper of choice those guys in the yellow if I could only remember the company name.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is really a shame. I know it's probably too late to do something like this, but if you had time maybe you could go to one of those creative/fabric stores like Joann's or Michael's and get fabric stencils and then write the slogans on generic T-shirts from Target or something.

Good luck with the barbecue, anyway!

Chatty said...


Big companies don't really care. Drives me nuts.

Pickalish said...

About the house: I live in Southeast Montana....where the medium income is $21,000 yearly. (Thank God in heaven we do a bit better than that....!) Anyhow, now you understand why the house seemed so cheap? It's really not compared to what people are making. I guess it's all relative, as generic as that sounds.