Saturday, September 23, 2006

drama students are crazy

I'm probably stating the obvious here, but they are!

Let me go back a bit...

I have taught 9th grade English for 8 years. Nice little freshmen, cute freshmen, small classes of cute little freshmen.

This year I have 10th grade English. Monster size classes of nasty sophomores.

When I say nasty I mean nasty. Now, when you talk to them one-on-one they are actually nice kids. Put them in a group of 45 and they are out of control.

So needless to say I have been a raging bitch since school got underway. I can't get ahead of them, I spend too much time trying to grade papers. (Our principal ended the days of TAs to grade papers, the TAs have to be "learning" something). They don't listen to instructions, so I have to give them 45 times, once to each student. They don't want to read, they don't want to discuss, they just want to sit and stare at me.

Because I teach the Theatre classes at the end of the day they receive the wrath that is left over from the English classes. I feel bad about it, but can't seem to get into a good mood.

Now, here is where the drama students being crazy comes in...

Two students went to the store to buy supplies to ask a girl to homecoming (I don't get the having to do something creative to ask someone to a dance, but okay...).

While at Michael's they discovered there is a pet store next door. So, with the dance theme being "Under the Sea" they decide that the boy should buy the girl a fish and write the invitation to the dance on the bowl. Cute, yes.

Then they decided they needed to buy me a fish...

They named the fish "Mr. Raschal Paschal", I just call him fish.

He's a pearl fish. To me he looks a lot like a goldfish.

What in the world made them think I needed a fish?

I guess they just wanted to make me smile...It worked.


CarrieB said...

I posted this in the comments of my blog the other day and I wanted to make sure you see it:

Hey Msdramateacherlady:
No feeling bad allowed on this blog! I think that everyone understands that schools and programs do not have a choice and that is why we all do what we have to do to support the programs. Our school hits it hard and the bar is always raised for fundraising goals. That exhausts a lot of parents. I've heard some say, "When it is enough?" Our PTA budget last year was something like $85K. I think too often we forget that the money goes directely to the programs that benefit our children and we should be grateful for the opportunity to raise the money to have the programs. Our administrator is awesome and runs our public school like a private sector enterprise. Good isn't enough. Dedication can always be higher. You can always do more.

So we do. Or at least we try.

My rant was just that, nothing more. Keep doing what you do Msdramateacherlady. Dedicated teachers like you keep programs and ideas and concepts alive and thriving. I appreciate you!

Martini said...

That's awesome of them. It can be the drama fish, students can take it home on the weekends? Who ever said that sophomores were nasty?

DISCOM said...

That maybe one of the most kick ass ideas ever!!

I had a fish once but he hatedme so much he jumpedout of his bowl and committed fishie suicide!

Oh well.... at least Harley loves me...