Saturday, April 29, 2006

Zombie flesh and other things...

All my stitches are out, the dehissing (big doctor word for coming apart) has stopped and the white looking zombie flesh has turned black (yuck). The doctor told me he could remove the black dead skin but it is very painful, I'm in enough pain, I'll wait it out - that's what giant bandaides are for. Doctor thinks I should be able to minimize scaring, but it looks pretty bad right now, and that doesn't include the sharp shooting pain I get periodically. The price I pay for the theatre.

I have been blog is a private thing for me. I don't tell anyone where it is or how to find it. Well, I have a very nosey student who has managed to track it down (yes, I'm talking about you, E). Now, my only hope is that he keeps it to himself, like I asked. He told me he hasn't been to it since the day he found it...which I hope is true. He is the only person now who I know face-to-face who has seen this!

The play opens in 3 weeks! YIKES!!!! The kids don't know most of the music and although the vocal director has been given copies of the schedule he still tells me he doesn't know what time rehearsals go to. I finally told the kids to just learn the music off the CD and I didn't care what the V.D. said. He can fix it later. At least they will know the music for opening night.

I have completely paid for my trip to China. I am so excited. I have never been out of the country for real (I don't count Mexico or Canada, although I know they are in reality out of the country), not to mention to a comunist country. It should make for some interesting stories.

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Chatty said...

China! Wow, is this a vacation or do you have plans. What a great trip! I see Lucas is going with you! ;)