Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a dog's life...

Check out this new Puppy Store on Melrose...

pretty swanky huh?

Here is the catch, this store has dogs that have been rescued from Death Row in Los Angeles animal shelters.

When I was first sent the link I was furious. I don't like the idea of dogs being sold in stores, especially when so many of them come from puppy mills and other horrible breading conditions. And then I read their press release, I almost jumped out of my chair with a big "YES!!!" for those poor shelter dogs.

The Los Angeles Animal Care Centers have over 300 dogs in their 6 facilities. They will keep the dogs as long as they can, weeks or months, as long as room holds out, for these dogs to find their forever homes. And now with this pet store taking dogs off of death row and giving them a second chance...WOW, those are some lucky pups.

If you are looking for a dog (or cat) please consider adopting rather than buying from a pet store (unless it's OrangeBone Puppy Store) or breeder. There are so many adoptable animals just waiting for their forever homes, could it be with you?

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