Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have you ever...

felt like you were spiraling out of control? Or were at the bottom of a deep, dark pit and couldn't claw your way out?

I feel this amazing sadness engulfing me each day. In the last several months I have had 5 days of what I would call truly relaxing happiness. A time where I felt like I could be me and who that "me" was was accepted by the people I was with.

I am tired of spending most of my days feeling like I don't belong, feeling like I can't do anything right, feeling like a failure.


Anonymous said...

I thought you'd like to know that someone IS reading your blog. I think teaching drama must be the hardest profession that there is. The kids don't appreciate what you do, they just get mad when they don't get the part they want. It's a tough job, but I think all teachers touch the lives of their students in ways that they don't even realize!
Thank you for committing to better the life of a student!

Anonymous said...