Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Our campus is loaded with bunnies. Cute, furry, little bunnies. They are wonderful to watch as they frolic and play.

They also dig holes in our football field. I have heard stories of the the coaches telling the kids they will get rewarded for each bunny the catch. But what do they do with them? I'm sure it isn't something I really want to know.

One kid told me today that the football coach said he was going to let them bring their bb guns to school to shoot the bunnies. I told the kid I would report them to the SPCA for animal cruelty.

I understand that this is a problem. But just because someone is too lazy to figure out an alternative solution does not mean death is the only option.

I have made this my cause this year. I am determined to find a rescue group who will help to a catch and release program. That way we can manage our rabbit population without doing harm to the animals.

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