Monday, February 19, 2007

Love Day

For months before Valentine's Day M had been telling me I was getting a stripper pole. I really don't want a stripper pole, I don't strip, I don't really want to strip, and feel no need to invite in guest strippers to use the pole.

As it got closer and closer to the big day, he kept insisting that was what I was getting. I kept dropping HUGE hints on things I would really rather have.

On Valentine's Day M shows up at my house with this box...

It's a fairly heavy box, so I know it can't be anything I had asked for. I wanted things like seatbelt bags, the cool Beatles messenger bag I saw at the Love gift shop in Vegas. Small things, light weight things. Not a stripper pole.

Fortunatly for M when I opened the box this is what I found.

Here's a better picture of the necklace...

I love that man. He spoils me, treats me like a princess. I am so lucky. And really feel like the best is yet to come!


Chatty said...

I am jealous! If Mr. Chatty got me a stripper pole, it would be sticking out of his ass. LOL

Friglet said...

It's beautiful!!!